23 May 2023

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A message from the organizers

Dear Voxxed enthusiasts,

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce that we’ve decided to postpone Voxxed Days Brussels 2022. We know that this may come as a surprise or a shock to you, and we understand that you may feel disappointed. However, we know that we’ve made the right decision.

We launched Voxxed Days Brussels 2022 intending to be one of the first developer conferences in Belgium since the Covid crisis struck. Perhaps we were a little too eager, and many people are still not confident enough to attend in-person events. Although we had a brilliant program of content lined-up, there have not been enough registrations yet for us to confidently progress. And with Covid numbers again on the rise locally, we would also rather be safe than sorry.

While we considered transforming Voxxed Days Brussels 2022 into an online event, we want to realize our dream of holding this big in-person tech event just like we imagined, without compromising on safety or our vision.

So, what now? We are still totally committed to the event, and believe it is going to play a very important part in the Belgian developer scene for years to come. Instead of a 2022 edition, we’re aiming for 2023. While it’s sad that we will have to wait another year for Voxxed Days Brussels to happen, the good news is that it gives us even longer to plan an awesome line-up of activities.

We truly hope to be able to welcome you all to a spectacular edition of Voxxed Days Brussels on May 23, 2023!

For any questions about your Voxxed Days 2023, your tickets or any other questions you may have, check out the FAQ section.

We hope to see you in 2023!

Voxxed Days Brussels 2023

Voxxed Days, a spin-off of Devoxx, is coming to Brussels! Yes, you’re reading it right, we’re talking about the first big in-person, first class tech-community event in Belgium for 3 years. An event where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn throughout.

Voxxed Days is supported by local communities, which enables a mindset of openness, community, killer content and super-low price tickets that underpin the overall philosophy.

Voxxed Days Brussels is brought to you by the ACA Group, a tech-loving company from Belgium.

  • Developer-centric

    Topics covered at Voxxed Days fall under the same umbrella as Devoxx.com, including: Java, Cloud, Data, AI, Frontend, Programming Languages, Architecture, Security, Methodology, Culture and Future Technologies.

  • Go-to tech event

    Voxxed Days is a series of tech events organized by local community groups. The mantra of “Content is King” brings together internationally renowned and local speakers to deliver the very best in up-to- date topics.

  • Community vibes

    Finally! After 2 long years, the IT community in Belgium can once more come together and connect during this special event. You don’t want to miss this!


  • Has Voxxed Days been canceled?

    No, we have taken the decision to postpone the Voxxed Days Brussels 2022 edition to the 23rd of May 2023.

  • Will my registration still be valid in 2023?

    Yes, your registration will be transferred to the new date in 2023 and you will receive an extra VIP package at the 2023 edition as a thank you for your loyalty!

  • I’m interested in attending the 2023 edition. Where do I find more information?

    You have come to the right place! All up-to-date information can be found here(https://brussels.voxxeddays.com) or our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn ).

  • I have other questions / remarks

    Attendees / tickets owners can contact us via our social channels, email or WhatsApp (see below). Sponsors should contact [email protected].

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