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Antoine Thomas

Community manager at Hyland. 20+ years of experience with open source and tech communities. Teaching and advising on open source, writing tutorials. Involved in various Open Source and Free Software projects and communities for many years. Ubuntu Studio co-founder.

As #Docker becomes more and more essential in hashtag#software deployment, it's time to look at a crucial topic that's often overlooked: #legal #compliance. 💼
Imagine this: You've developed a bespoke application, carefully packaged it in a Docker image, then shared it with your customers who deploy it with #Docker and #Kubernetes.
But have you checked that this image is "legally compliant"? 📜
In our presentation, we will address these crucial points:
✅ What is the "hashtag#legalcompliance" and why is it often ignored by technical experts?
✅ Best practices for ensuring hashtag#legalcompliance in the two main use cases.
✅ Discover the tools and solutions available to carry out audits and maintain continuous integration in full compliance