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Pieter-Jan Drouillon

With more than 15 years in the IT sector, I have built my expertise around the following three key pillars: java development, data and education. As a coach and lifelong learner, I have a natural curiosity to understand the challenges and create better solutions. Following this mindset, I have recently finished Magna Cum Laude the Postgraduate in Big Data and Analytics in Business at KU Leuven, pursuing a better understanding of the challenges faced in the sector.

In my spare time, I spend time with one partner, two kids and four guitars. If time permits, I also like to try out new technologies on pet projects.I'm a member of Toastmasters Leuven, a club where you can improve your speaking and leadership skills. So far I've completed the competent communicator manual, containing 10 speeches each focussing on one essential part of public speaking. Currently I'm working on 'technical presentations', one of the many advanced manuals. I occasionally won the best speech of the evening at our meetings which is quite the accomplishment given the high level of the experienced club members.

Speed up writing tests with Wiremock Spring Boot
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Calling APIs is business as usual. Building API clients is always good fun, testing them is somewhat trickier.
Wiremock is one of the most frequently used tools to mock APIs. Setting it up for testing purposes in your Spring Boot application is a bit daunting. Or should I say: WAS daunting. Enter WireMock Spring Boot, making your life easier.
In this short talk I'll introduce the idead behind Wiremock. Next, we'll put this newly gained knowledge into practice and craft unittests for a JsonPlaceholder client. To conclude, I'll give an overview of resources and documentation where you can review the covered topics.