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Guillaume Laforge

Guillaume Laforge is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, focusing on event oriented architecture, API orchestration, and generative AI. He's also a Java Champions, and the co-founder of the Apache Groovy programming language project.

Gemini, Google's Large Language Model
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Gemini is the Large Language Model (LLM) powering Bard, but you can also use its API through Google Cloud and integrate it into your applications. Gemini offers different sizes, from Nano to Ultra, including Pro. Its unique feature is its multimodality: you can give it text, images, or videos! This opens up new use cases for you.
In this presentation, we will explore the Gemini model. With our Java hats on, we will learn how to use its API, especially with the LangChain4j library.
How to get the most out of Gemini? We will see how to extract unstructured data, how to classify text, how to extend the model's knowledge with the RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) approach, and how to use "function calls" to invoke external services when generating text.
Hold on tight! The Gemini capsule is about to take off!