You all know our natural world is burning and we’re collectively facing huge climate challenges. We need system change - not climate change. And we, YOU, as developers, are in the perfect position to help this holistic system change happen! What we do in IT matters, rather a lot. Your sustainability influence touches every aspect of how we develop IT products. Ranging from how you code, to the lifespan of your hardware, your cloud set-up, and your practical choices in AI strategy: your impact as developer is everywhere! Key takeaway is this motto: do more with less because you aren’t going to need it! This talk contains 7 things every developer should know about sustainability, and you will leave with quite a few practical tips to get you into gear saving the planet. 
Maryse Meinen
Practical Agile
Maryse is currently working in Product Development, focusing on IT Infrastructure, using both Agile and Stoicism to improve sustainability and resilience in what and how we develop IT. Since she is a lazy Product Owner the idea of doing (more with) less, speaks loudly to her. Maybe we do NOT need to develop this new shiny feature at all. She is also an active practitioner of Stoic philosophy, which aligns neatly with sustainability principles, because it advocates “wanting what you already have” (instead of striving to have all that you want). YAGNI is her life motto.