If you are using Kubernetes in production, you probably already have tooling in place to configure and manage your applications. Helm is an obvious example. Most of the tools are either very focused, like Kustomize, or very broad, like Helm. They are not always designed to work together, and sometimes you've had to write some batch scripts to stitch them together.
Enter Carvel, a CNCF Sandbox project since September 2022. It tackles the application development lifecycle following the Unix philosophy: Carvel is a suite of seven single-purpose, composable tools, from yaml templating to a GitOps controller. They may be adopted individually to enhance your existing workflows, or combined for an end-to-end solution.
In this session, with the help of a few slides and some live-coding, we will explore the Carvel portfolio by creating and deploying an application. After this talk, there is a very high chance you will want to try at least one of the tools!
Daniel Garnier-Moiroux
Broadcom - Spring
Daniel Garnier is a software engineer at VMware, working in the identity space and on SSO for applications. He is an adjunct professor at Mines Paris, where he teaches CS and software engineering classes.
He contributes to Spring Security, and has a keen interest in automation and developer productivity.