Do you ever feel like you're surrounded by characters that are impossible to get along with and insufferable? Are they too loud and too breakneck or are they always silent? Do they ask too many questions or don't read emails at all? Are they late for meetings or suck all the air from the room? Trample everyone bluntly or beat around the bush endlessly?
Adventures in a diverse team of wanderers in the land of IT can be a difficult challenge. Rude Warriors, narcissistic Bards, slow Druids and cold Wizards. Or maybe: brave Warriors, captivating Bards, soothing Druids and insightful Wizards?
How to play the game of communication? Stay awhile and listen.
 *May contain a fair number of references to Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Office, and more…
Paweł Zajączkowski
Paweł has been working in Wrocław IT since 2009. He was digging through the code in a Finnish telecom, German logistics, a Swiss bank, a car factory, a travel startup, British compliance, and villa rental. Currently, he has gone to the dark side and takes care of a flock of programmers and team leaders, a mentoring program, a guild and is sticking his nose wherever else he can. 
Personally, he likes to read, play board games, analog and computer RPGs. He practices powerlifting and collects vintage Lego Technic. Writes about software, peopleware and dragons on