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Fabien Petitcolas
Smals Reseach

Fabien A. P. Petitcolas is a research consultant at Smals where he focuses on various security topics including confidential computing, cryptography and cybersecurity threats. Before joining Smals, Fabien worked in various roles with OneSpan and Microsoft. Fabien graduated from the École Centrale, Lyon and holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Introduction to confidential computing – techniques aimed at protecting sensitive workloads on public ‘cloud’
Confidential computing refers to a set of techniques and technologies designed to protect sensitive data while they are being processed, specifically during computation within microprocessors. The primary goal of confidential computing is to ensure that data remain encrypted and protected even when they are being accessed and manipulated by applications or services. By employing various security measures, such as encryption, secure enclaves, or hardware-based isolation, confidential computing aims to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.
These methods prove particularly pertinent within the framework of European regulations concerning data protection and the use of shared IT infrastructures. Indeed, confidential computing may help mitigate the trust issue concerning third-party or foreign providers, notably those based in the United States.
During his talk, Fabien Petitcolas will delve into the primary techniques, scrutinising their functionality, advantages and limits.