Speaker Details

Tim Braun

Graduated with BSc Informatik from TU Darmstadt 2012

Worked as a Software Engineer at CREALOGIX (making a Portal Solution for the finance sector, mostly online banking)

Spent 7 years at CREALOGIX, moved to a Pre-Sales Role

At moveXM became Head of Solution Management, in charge of Consulting & Pre-Sales

Started with Liferay in January 2024

From Zero to Hero: Conquering Your DXP with Low-Code Kung Fu
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) offer a powerful foundation for crafting engaging customer journeys. However, traditional application development can be a bottleneck, requiring specialized skills and lengthy development cycles. This talk explores the transformative potential of low-code and no-code capabilities within Liferay.
We'll delve into how these tools empower both technical and non-technical users to build custom web applications directly within the Liferay frontend. Discover the benefits of drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built components, and visual workflows to rapidly prototype and deploy applications that seamlessly integrate with your existing digital ecosystem.
This session will showcase real-world use cases, highlighting how low-code/no-code has been leveraged by our customers
By democratizing application development, Liferay's low-code/no-code features empower businesses to achieve greater agility, accelerate innovation, and deliver exceptional digital experiences.