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Mohammed Aboullaite

Mohammed is a community catalyst, a true open-source believer who has contributed to many open-source projects. Mohammed has extensive hands-on, cross-industry experience in designing, building and evolving distributed applications at scale. He's one of Google developer experts in cloud, and work @Spotify as Sr Backend engineer.

You AI java app, in the cloud and beyond
Workshop (INTERMEDIATE level)
This goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to start navigating the complexities of Java deployment to cloud platforms in a safe, secure, and innovative way. Whether you're looking to deploy Java applications using traditional JAR files, explore the potential of containerization, venture into serverless architectures, or integrate AI to enhance application capabilities, this workshop will provide you with a solid foundation and practical insights to enhance your deployment strategies. Special emphasis will be placed on not only mastering deployment techniques but also on how to incorporate AI into your Java applications and deliver these advanced solutions in a safe manner.