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Marc Klefter
Marc Klefter has an extensive (20+ years) background as an engineer, entrepreneur, consultant, trainer and international speaker. As CTO of the Swedish consultancy firm Edument he helps clients to build cloud native systems, with a special focus on event-driven solutions.
Dapr (the Distributed Application Runtime, an open-source CNCF project) provides application developers with common cloud native capabilities for reliable service invocation, asynchronous messaging, state management, cross-cutting concerns such as observability, security and resiliency, and more - accessed via standardized APIs that decouple application code from the underlying infrastructure. This allows for implementing distributed systems in a language and platform independent manner, according to best practices and patterns.
Operating on this higher level of abstraction as a developer brings significant benefits but also involves important trade-offs; in this session, Marc Klefter will explore these issues by guiding you through the building blocks of Dapr and how it solves typical cloud native application challenges, adoption strategies for greenfield and migration (i.e. moving away from direct integration with vendor-specific services) scenarios, dealing with edge cases and extending Dapr with custom capabilities, how it compares to related technologies such as service meshes, and the organizational implications for application and platform engineering teams.