Embark on a real-world journey of transitioning the Devoxx CFP application from Angular 10 to Angular 17. This talk offers a deep dive into the practical challenges and solutions encountered during this significant upgrade process.
The session begins by highlighting the compelling reasons for migration, including Angular 17's advanced features and performance benefits. It then moves into the heart of the upgrade, sharing first-hand experiences from updating the Devoxx CFP app. Attendees will learn about navigating through breaking changes, adapting to new libraries, and tackling compatibility issues - all illustrated with real scenarios from the Devoxx CFP app upgrade.
Crucial aspects such as handling deprecated APIs, managing library dependencies, and employing new Angular 17 capabilities will be covered. The talk aims to provide a clear roadmap for similar migrations, outlining the traps and hiccups that might arise and how to skillfully overcome them.
Practical tips and strategies will be a cornerstone of this presentation, giving developers the tools to efficiently migrate their applications to the latest Angular version. This session is not just theory; it's a collection of valuable lessons and best practices drawn from a real-world application upgrade.
Join this session for an insightful look into upgrading to Angular 17, armed with knowledge and confidence to apply these learnings to your Angular projects.
Loïc Magnette
Loïc Magnette is a seasoned software developer and architect. He has a strong background in consulting and has worked extensively as a software engineer. Loïc's passion for technology, software development, photography, and wildlife fuels his drive to share his knowledge and interests with others.
Currently employed at Oniryx, a consultancy company, Loïc serves as a senior software developer and architect. His primary focus is on Java and Angular, leveraging his expertise to create robust and innovative solutions. With a deep understanding of these technologies, Loïc is eager to contribute to the development community as a speaker.
Through engaging presentations, Loïc aims to inspire and educate fellow developers, providing valuable insights, practical tips, and real-world experiences. Whether it's discussing the latest advancements or sharing his passion for photography and wildlife, Loïc's diverse background brings a unique perspective to his talks.